From Pet Lovers to Trusted Insurers:
The PetsOnMe Story

PetsOnMe is not just another big brand insurer—we’re a passionate team who have woven our love for pets into the very fabric of our company. Our story is one of heartfelt dedication, genuine care and a whole lot of love for our furry mates, from our humble beginnings to becoming one of the most trusted pet insurers in Australia.

Humble Beginnings

In 2005, our founder and top dog, CEO Alex Bedwani, kickstarted our journey with his deep affection for animals. At age nine, Alex desperately wanted a dog of his own, but his parents wouldn’t allow it, so instead, he started minding other people’s dogs in the family home. What began as a simple endeavour soon turned into a bustling operation. From the outset, our commitment was to provide the unique care that only a true pet lover could give.

Revolutionising Pet Care

Fast forward to 2007, and we were no longer just a backyard operation. FindADogMinder was born, and we launched an online marketplace with an ambitious aim: to change the face of dog boarding and pet sitting by connecting dog owners with passionate pet carers Australia-wide.

With an unwavering focus on providing the type of care that kennels can’t give, we rapidly earned the trust of pet owners seeking something beyond traditional solutions. Aussies from coast to coast embraced our vision and our dedication to providing care that’s as good as a belly rub earned us a special place in their hearts.

More Than Just Dogs

In 2012, we realised our love for pets wasn’t exclusive to just dogs—that’s when we became PetsOnMe, extending our pawprint to all the wonderful pets that make our lives richer. This evolution was driven by a desire to ensure that every pet, regardless of shape or size, could benefit from our unique approach to care.

A New Chapter: Pet Insurance

In 2021, we took another significant step forward, PetsOnMe Pet Insurance was born out of feedback from our community who told us they wanted a pet insurer that cared about their pets as much as they did. It wasn’t just about policies; it was about standing by our promise to keep Aussie pets happy, healthy and wagging their tails while offering owners a premium pet insurance product they could count on when it comes to unexpected vet bills.

Your Partners in Pet Care

Our journey from a small pet caregiving service to a nationwide pet insurer wasn’t coincidental; it was a result of our deliberate focus on quality, compassion and an unwavering dedication to our four-legged friends. Today, PetsOnMe is a testament to the idea that a business can be built on trust, care and a genuine passion for pets.

When you choose PetsOnMe, you’re not just choosing an insurance provider; you’re choosing a partner and joining a community that understands the deep bond between pets and their people.

Our Journey


Awarded Canstar’s Outstanding Value Pet Insurance Award and Mozo’s Exceptional Value Accident & Illness Pet Insurance Award


Awarded Canstar’s Outstanding
Value Pet Insurance Award


Pet insurance first launched


We’re now Pets On Me; A brand new platform launched with fixed prices and instant bookings.


Helping Pet Care Marketers; Media Division launched to offer marketers a targeted way to reach dog owners all over Australia.


20,000th person uses FindADogMinder


We now offer pet-sitting services in our major capital cities


We launched as FindADogMinder, the first pet care marketplace in Australia