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Flexibility, Choice and Support

Flexibility & Freedom

It's All Up To You

At PetsOnMe you are the top dog! Pick and choose the service you would like to offer and enjoy the freedom of setting up your own schedule, all from the comfort of home.

Extra Cash, Free Cuddles

Make Money Doing What You Love

Want to get paid to cuddle a furry friend? Start here! You choose the nightly rate you want to charge, we recommend between $30 to $40 per dog but its entirely up to you. Yes, we know, it's the world's best job

Around the Clock Support

We've Got Your Back

Have a struggling pet? No worries, our Support Team is always on hand to help and ensure all goes smoothly. We're here to help all members receive the most from their membership and to secure dog minding is an enjoyable and fun experience.

How it Works

Here's how you can get started with PetsOnMe today:

Tell us why you love pets! What makes you stand out as a sitter or walker. The better your profile, the more enquiries you will get which equals business growth. We suggest that you make it creative, so tell us all about yourself.
Which services would you like to offer?
  • Dog Boarding: Mind one or more dogs in your home and make money whilst doing something you love. You choose your own nightly rate.
  • Pet Sitting: Mind a pet(s) in their home and charge a nightly fee that you are comfortable with.
  • Dog Walking: Walk dogs in your area. Offer 30 minute walks at a price that you choose.
  • Pet Grooming: Wash and dry a dog at the pet's home. The price you charge is entirely up to you.
You can choose to offer ALL of these services or just one.
Pet owners want to see who will be looking after their fur child. Upload pictures of yourself and if you offer dog boarding, be sure to include images of your home and yard.
Pet owners will start to contact you once they've seen your awesome profile. You'll receive an alert via SMS and email when this happens, be sure to respond promptly or you risk missing out on the cash & cuddles.

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