45 Pet Grooming in GOLD COAST, QLD

45 Pet Groomers in GOLD COAST, QLD

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Surfers Paradise (3.81 kms)

"Hello, I am friendly, dog lover, charismatic, easy going. I really love pets and I really would like work with it. When I am close the animals I felt very good...."

$ 30.00


Mermaid Beach (4.08 kms)

"trustworthy and reliable and i adapt to different situations. This gives me the ability to be able to handle different kinds of dogs and there personaltiies. I am proactive in my work so you can promise that your pup will be spotless..."

$ 43.00


Ashmore (4.23 kms)

"I am very passionate about the dogs from my childhood. I have expereince with many pets and dog breeds like Rottweiler , Labrador retreiver , Golden Retreiver , German Sheperd , Gray Dane , Tibetan Mastiff and all sort of small dog breeds .I also hav..."

$ 100.00


Southport (4.4 kms)

"Hi! My name is Gemma and I am from Spain. I am 23 years old. In Spain I lived in small town next to Barcelona, concretely in a hamlet. I had two dogs and a lot of cats.  I am an animal lover and I am vegetarian.  Hapiness and kindness is my lifestyle..."

$ 30.00


Mermaid Beach (4.42 kms)

"Hi, my name is Bruna, I'm marine biologist, and I love animals, my favorite are dogs, I have a French bulldog, I would love to walk with your dog, take care of him and play like mine!..."

$ 43.00


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Merrimac (4.47 kms)
Responds within an hour
Minded 2 pets

"I am an animal lover and enjoy caring for small- large sized dogs, I?ve always grown up caring for animals as I have for border collies of my own that I love to take for walks everyday. I?ll love and care for your pets as if they were my own! ..."

$ 35.00


Mermaid Waters (5.13 kms)

"Have breed, trained and shown dogs for 15yrs.  Can pick up and drop off.  Larger dogs (with more fur) may cost $5-$10 more.  Day/time at the beach/park can be included as a package ..."

$ 30.00


Mermaid Beach (5.31 kms)

"I have a dog in France so I?m used to take him for a walk and look after him. I?m a law student, I?m serious and I love dog.  My availability depends on my university timetable which differs every week, don?t hesitate to contact me ..."

$ 30.00


Mermaid Beach (5.82 kms)

"My passion is animals. I have always had dogs in my life and today as I live in another country unfortunately I can not have one here ... I miss a companion to take care of and play and it would be a great pleasure for me to make your pet's day happi..."

$ 43.00


Australia Fair (5.91 kms)

"I have always loved animals since I was a child and I have a sausage dog in Brasil living with my family. Before I came here to Gold Coast I had dogsitted 2 dogs from my friend as she went overseas for 1 month. So I took care of them, I brushed their..."

$ 43.00