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Herne Hill (20.9 kms)

"I?ve always loved dogs and I would love to hang out with yours. I will be the best dog walker you?ve ever had. Located around Herne Hill/Midland/Ellenbrook area. ..."

$ 25.00


Kallaroo (21.24 kms)

"I am passionate about dogs, have previous experience and it is something I find to be very rewarding ..."

$ 25.00


Wanneroo (21.89 kms)

"Happy animal loving female. Can walk your dog locally or find a nice park. Water and treat included...."

$ 28.00


Ellenbrook (21.98 kms)

"Hi! My name is Breanna, I am 17 and I absolutely adore animals! I have always loved them since I was small and have grown up surrounded by pets my whole life, specifically dogs! I am an active, honest, reliable and punctual person and it would be my ..."

$ 25.00


Ellenbrook (22.26 kms)

"I?m a 13 year old guy who cannot get a proper job yet until I?m 14 so I?m looking to walk some dogs. I love dogs I have a Rottweiller who is a lovely dog and I love taking her for walks. I used to walk dogs when I lived in a different place when I wa..."

$ 25.00


Camillo (22.83 kms)

"Hi - I'm Kim and I love animals; dogs in particular! I have 2 dogs and they are a male and female with one is a strong large breed and the other a small breed respectively. I enjoy walking and would love to walk your dog :D..."

$ 25.00


Armadale (25.95 kms)

"Hi I'm a friendly animal lover here to walk your family dog . Any time,and place,any size,any breed, I walk them all...."

$ 37.00


Joondalup (26.28 kms)
Responds within an hour

"I should be hired because first and foremost I love animals and dogs are on top of my list, so walking and caring for dogs is pretty much a treat for more than a job, so it?s not a bother to mind them, it will be coming from more of a ?I actually wan..."

$ 25.00


Armadale (26.63 kms)

"Hi my name is James, I have grown up around dogs my whole life and always owned 2 except until recently. As a Family we used to breed and show dogs at the highest level. We also used to compete in agility and obedience and we once won the agility tri..."

$ 35.00


Joondalup (26.75 kms)

"I love spending time around animals, dogs in particular, but unfortunately due to family reasons we can not have a dog. So I would love to have as much time as possible with these furry companions as possible and being a dog walker lets me do this. I..."

$ 25.00