Pet Sitting

Is Pet Sitting the Right Option for your Cat or Dog?

Our pets are our fur-kids that's why we want to make sure that every pet has a safe place to stay while you're not at home. Pet sitting is when your dog stay at home and the Sitter comes to your place to care for the dog. They may stay or just provide regular visits at a cost of $35 per night.

Pet sitting is an ideal alternative to a boarding kennel. Your pet is not cooped up in a small cage whilst you're at home so why should it be different when you're away? Not only it is great that your pet does not have to stay in a kennel, the costs for a reliable pet sitter are often much cheaper.

The place where your pets feel the most comfortable is their own home and the regular environment they're used to. Your pet won't feel any stress through transferring them to another environment. For you as a pet owner it's also easy to find and book a suitable pet sitter online who will come to your house, saving you the stress of taking your dog elsewhere.

We have a range of loving pet sitters close to your house that are suitable for you and your pet. The pet sitter will take care of your pet in your home.

Our pet sitters are located in almost all regions in our Top Cities - SydneyMelbourneBrisbanePerthAdelaideGold Coast and  Sunshine Coast .

If you're not sure if the sitter is the right choice for your pet, you can easily arrange a meet and greet between yourself, the pet sitter and your pet. If you have any difficulties finding the right sitter, no problem - we will help find the perfect one for you and your pet!

If you need any advice during the process our support team is on hand to help you out.

Why Choose PetsOnMe?

  • A passionate Pet Sitter to look after your dog
  • Find a caring pet sitter to come to your home where your puppy is comfortable in his own environment.
  • Forget Mass Dog Boarding Kennels
  • Your dog won't be stuck in a cage all day, he will be cared for by a pet sitter who is selected because of their care and passion for animals.
  • The care your pet is used to
  • Your dog is cared for and loved by a dog lover. No scary unfamiliar environments, instead he'll get all the cuddles and love he's come to expect! Daily walks too.
  • Booking without any cost
  • Search and book a dog walker, pet sitter, dog minder and groomer without paying any membership fees.

Our Guarantee

Find the perfect Pet Sitter to take care of your pet, meet & approve the minder before you travel and a 100% money-back guarantee.
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"I can now travel not having to worry about my pup being locked up, and he is being cared for by a dog lover."

Kendal G., Alexandria, NSW

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