Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, there are no restrictions on length of stay. Simply contact the minder and enquire if they can look after your dog for the period that you require.

Our guarantee is simple - find a loving minder or walker for your dog or your money back. We also provide the following:

  • Photo Updates of your dog's stay - your minder can send SMS or email updates, whichever you prefer.
  • Dedicated Support Team - We are on hand in the unlikely event of last minute cancellations or for any help that may be needed.
  • Qualified dog minders - Our minders range from professional pet sitters to passionate dog lovers with years of experience, the choice is yours as to who minds you dog.
  • Reliable dog walkers - Our walkers love dogs and will arrive on time and ready to walk your pooch on-leash and in your local area.

We'd be sorry to say goodbye but we'll make sure it's hassle-free. Simply click on the 'my plan' tab when logged into your dashboard and click on the downgrade button, we'll move you back to our free membership and you won't be charged again.

If you're going away or just too busy and need your dog taken care of then PetsOnMe is what you're looking for. We're a marketplace that connects dog owners with insured and reviewed dog minders, walkers and groomers anywhere in Australia.

Our dog walkers will come to your home or office and walk your dog for at least 30 minutes.

Our dog minders offer a cage-free alternative to boarding kennels where your dog is looked after in a real home. This can be for one night or weeks at a time.

Firstly, enter your suburb on the homepage and you'll see all the sitters in your area. We recommend reaching out to at least three minders initially. Ask the minders any specific questions you may have and request a meet & greet. Once you have had the meet and greet and you are ready to proceed, navigate to the minder's profile page and click 'book now'. Follow the steps to make payment which will secure the reservation.

Yes! We have a wide array of minders available. Many are qualified pet sitters, trainers and breeders whilst others have had dogs during childhood and are looking for the joys of again having a canine companion. We also have families who are 'trialing' having a dog of their own. There's one thing all our minders have in common and that's a great passion for dogs.

Most importantly, you need to bring enough food for the dog's stay as changing your dog's diet can upset their tummy. You should also supply a leash and comfortable bedding. Treats and toys are optional and it's best to discuss this with your minder.

Most of our minders charge between $25 - $43 per dog per night for dog boarding & pet sitting and $25 for half hour private walks. We can assist with negotiating rates for two dogs or extended periods, just reach out to us via the support button on the bottom right of this page. For regular users we also offer membership plans which offers discounted pet care. Refer to the pricing page for further information. Dog boarding and pet sitting includes daily walks at no additional cost.

Yes, daily walks by the minder are included in the nightly rate. Unless you request otherwise most minders walk for 30 minutes twice per day though its best to confirm this with your minder.

Easy. Just click on the green 'book' button on your preferred minder's profile, select your required service, tick next to your dog's name and then click 'add to cart'. You will then be prompted to make payment.

On the search results page click on the 'contact' button below the minder's profile pic. If you are already on the minder's page click 'talk to minder'. This will take you to the chat page where you can message your preferred minders.

Yes, if you think you can handle walking the dogs that you're looking after in your home as well as walking others then we welcome you to join as a minder and walker.

Yes, you sure can. We do require that you join as an individual (using your own name rather than a business name) and to be fair to our other minders we don't allow company websites to be listed.

Dog Walkers only walk dogs rather than offering full overnight care in the minder or owner's home. Walkers pick the dog up from their home and take them out for anywhere from 30 minutes up to a few hours at a time. You set your own rate and you can even offer additional services like feeding and collecting mail.

Yes, being a dog minder is very flexible so you can choose your preferences but remember the more flexible you are the more contact you will receive from dog owners. You can always arrange a meet & greet with the owner in advance so you can see if the dog is suitable and decide then.

When logged in, under the 'my jobs' tab simply switch off the services you no longer wish to offer using the toggle under each service.

If you have not already spoken to the pet owner reach out to them to set up a meet and greet. On the day of the booking, when the pet is in your care don't forget to initiate the booking by going to 'my jobs' and clicking on the 'i' symbol next the booking, then click 'commence'.

The owner is required to supply all food for the stay. Remember to remind the owner to bring along enough food for the stay and for extended stays discuss options with the owner directly such as purchasing food and keeping the receipts for reimbursement.

Yes, as a minder you have your own interactive PetsOnMe calendar which allows you to manage all your reservations as well as schedule in those periods when you are unavailable.

At the conclusion of the stay go to the 'my jobs' page in your account and next to the booking click on the red star. You will be asked to review the pet, this will trigger the funds to your account and make them available for withdrawal under 'my withdrawals'.

Members will contact you directly through our platform. We will notify you by email and SMS whenever you receive a new message though be sure to login to your dashboard regularly to see the latest news and updates as well as to keep your calendar up-to-date.

Glad you asked and its very simple! We are a marketplace that connects travelling dog owners, with people like you - minders who will look after dogs either in your own home or in the pet owner's home. You set your own rate and all food and equipment is supplied by the owner and all you have to do is provide the TLC. You can also choose just to offer walking if you prefer.

We recommend you arrange a meet & greet with all new dogs before you commit to the stay. This ensures you can be 100% comfortable and also lets the owner meet you and learn what you can offer. Its very casual and usually only takes 15 minutes. Remind the owner to bring the dog along for the meet & greet as we find this eliminates almost all future problems.

  • Firstly, ensure that your profile is full of information about yourself and what you offer. Especially important is that you have added a profile picture and images of where the dogs will be kept (your backyard for example). 90% of member enquiries go to those minders who have multiple images on their profile page.
  • Connect your profile with Facebook, this give your 'online image' credibility and also adds authenticity to your profile.