Can your dog detect cancer?

3 thoughts on “Can your dog detect cancer?”

  1. My dog (passed away sadly) detected abnormal cells. He would not stop sniffing me so I had a pap smear. Lucky for me. Rip little one x

  2. In September 2012, my dog Raphael detected my breast cancer which took 2 biopsies to confirm. It would have become inoperable in two months.

    Raphael had been sniffing and patting my left brreast for about a 4 months I took no notice until he became agitated and sat in front of me and whined, growled and barked at me. My doggy friends encouraged me to interpret his behaviour as a warnng about something so I went to the Doctor and said that my dog thought there was something wrong with my left breast. My Doctor immediately sent me off for many tests which took 2 weeks. I was diagnosed with advanced aggressive and non aggressive Lobular Breast Cancer – this is diseased tissue not lumps.

    If not for my dog I would not be here today!! My guardian angel

    Petula Columbus

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