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About Steph R.

Hi my name is Steph and I am 15 years old and a high school student. I absolutely love animals would would love to look after your pets.

I have gained a lot of experience by looking after dogs and cats, going out with my aunty's friend in their mobile vet business, volunteering, going to several fundraisers and pet sitting family and friends animals. I dream of becoming a vet in the future so this helps with opportunities and working with animals. Also this helps me learn and understand responsibilities. I has 1 dog and a kitten that live over at her dads and 1 cat that lives with us. I am kind hearted, passionate and caring. I am always wanting to have more pets and animals. I have chosen to do something so wonderful like this because it's a little way I can earn a little bit of money and it brings a big bubbly smile to my face.

My services include pet boarding, home visits and dog walking.

This premium package includes a variety of exciting and fun things that keeps you and your wonderful pet happy. It includes  lots of love, heaps of photos, any basic training if needed, walks daily, play time, dog wash plus all the other basic requirements of looking after your pets. I am happy for your pet to sleep where ever you feel most comfortable.

A bit of information about our house is we have a medium sized backyard and within it is our pool so please be mindful of that. Also we have an entertainment area and the whole backyard is fully fenced.

Around the area where we live we have heaps of different walking paths, two parks and 1 specifically for dogs. We also love taking any dogs that are sociable and love the water to the beach.

If you have any questions or would like us to mind your pets please feel free to contact. 

Steph R.

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