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About Sally C.

As someone who has grown up with cats and dogs most of her life I am able to utilize that life experience and passion for all animals to provide your animal with the attention and love that they need while you're away. I have a very flexible scheduale and only work three days a week so have plenty of time to put in to caring for your beloved animal.

My apartment can cater to small and medium dogs at the moment and cats of any kind. The complex that I live in has a secure courtyard and im a short yet decent stroll to a few different dog friendly parks and off the leash parks which I know your pup will love (and feline too if they are leash trained), I'm also very close to St Kilda beach and can take your pooch for a walk on the sand or a dip in the water when the weather permits. However if you have bigger dogs I am more than happy to visit them at your place or provide overnight care at your place of residence.

I have the time to look after them with great care, I'm very thorough, have great intuition when it comes to animals and most importantly, kind and caring to all. I'm also more than happy to pet sit at your place of residence if needed and will include one or two walks free of charge because it's no extra effort at all to spend that extra time making sure your dog is as happy as can be.

Sally C.

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