About Ruhi Y.

I love animals with a passion. I come from a family of animals lovers where I grew up taking care of all types of beautiful pets including dogs, cats, eagles, snakes, rabbits, and ducks. I also volunteered at a VET for 2 months, where I would keep animals occupied and happy, and assist with tending to their medical needs.

Since I moved to Adelaide and started uni, I haven't been able to own a pet because of the nature of my house lease. I miss my pets incredibly and would love more than anything to be able to spend some quality time dog-walking or pet sitting for other people!

I think I should be hired because I'm extremely experienced and capable of dealing with different situations. You can count on me to keep your precious pets happy, active, and healthy! I also only go to uni 3 days a week, and have a lot of spare time and not too much pressure, so I'm reliable and have good time management. I could also really use the money, as I am an international student and uni fees as well as living costs over here can be a bit much. But most importantly, I'm super excited to spend time with animals and they really will feel the love!

I live in Marleston and my services include dog walking and pet sitting.

Ruhi Y.

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