Melissa F.

Melissa F.


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About Melissa F.

Hello I am a huge animal lover with qualifications in pet behavior and pet health care.
I own a beautiful 4 yr old male Chow Chow,  1 yr old female Yorkie/Poddle and a 6 yr old female Himalayan cat. I have experience with behavioral issues, successfully introduced dogs to my numerous foster kittens and have them live happily side by side. 
I have experience in administering any type of medications including intravenous, creams and oral.
I enjoy taking my fur kids out for walks and to the dog park at New Farm regularly. My puppies sleep inside with me, they have multiple beds, water bowls and toy boxes throughout my home and have unrestricted access to outside and indoors at all times. My property is 100% secure with high fencing surrounding my double courtyard and no gates for escaping. My pets are extremely spoilt, having organic food and hand made dinners every night, they like to be at my feet at all times and we are a very close little family. 
If you are needing a sitter I am more than happy to care for your fur baby as they were my own!

Melissa F.

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