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About John Z.

We have two lovely Siberian Huskies and one Chihuahua Our family loves dogs so much. Our relationship with dogs are very much like parent-child relationships Our land is massive (1200 m2), your dogs can enjoy playing! We will send some pictures and videos of your lovely dogs every day. While you are on holiday, your loved dogs will enjoy their holidays in our holiday house! -Indoor accommodation with a large outdoor play yard (indoor/outdoor during the day and indoor at night) - Playing in the secured front yard or backyard depends on your dog size and temperament. (Playing with huskies and chihuahua in the huge backyard or having relaxed and private time in the big front yard) - Separated sleeping rooms for big and small dogs - We recommend bringing your furbaby own food/snack (our babies' food might not be suitable for your dogs) -We can provide raw dog born to your furbaby :-) -We can be your second family :-) -If your furbaby has got a socializing issue, more than welcome to come! They will learn it here! *Please be advised there is a surcharge on public holidays *Please be advised there is a surcharge on puppy (less than 1-year-old as extra care and attention needed)  

John Z.

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