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About Jez C.

I absolutely adore animals, especially dogs. Currently I care for a cat and a canary. I also have experience waking and minding dogs of close family members. I stop to pat dogs I come across so frequently it could be classified as a hobby of mine!!! I would love the opportunity to shower your dogs with affection, cuddles, warmth, playtime and love. All whilst your furry one gets fresh air and exercise. I love to see dogs run amok so love to play with them off leash in large open spaces. If your furry one has any special considerations, please let me know so I can care for them accordingly. I have experience in the training stage of dogs in the puppy stage, and believe in positive and personal interactions. I am a very easy going person, and I can be as energetic as your doggy! I am also a huge lover of animals and would welcome the opportunity to care for your other furry or feathered friends. I'd love to hear from you- I have a very high availability and and a means of transportation.

Jez C.

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