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Fredrik A.


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About Fredrik A.

This service is ideal for dogs who are left alone during your absence, when you have work commitments, are just too busy, or may be away on that well deserved holiday. This would also be a suitable service for the physically disabled dog lover.

Loneliness, boredom and inactivity can contribute to an unhappy and destructive dog with behavioural problems eg. barking & digging. Benefits such as physical and mental stimulation and companionship can greatly reduce or eliminate this.

We will also provide treats, fresh water, lots of love, and hugs!

Exclusive One on One Dog Walks:

Can vary in duration from ½ hour to 1 hour

This is an exclusive one on one dog walking session, on lead, at a pace suited to your dog. It could be a gentle walk, power walk, or even a jog (individual requirements to suit).

It is also good for dogs who love individual attention and the company of humans.

We will only let your dog off lead if we feel comfortable doing so and we have your approval in writing.

Small Group Dog Walks

1 hour duration (excluding pick up & drop off) (max. 4 dogs)

We will pick up your dog, drive in air-conditioned comfort (on hot days) to a dog friendly park. The locations will be varied for variety. Your dog can socialize with other canine friends, run, play frisbee, chase the ball and enjoy lots of treats. All dogs are assessed and introduced over a short period of time.

Fredrik A.

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