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About Esther K.


I grew up with doggies , me and my family have tree dogs and I love them so much ! All of them have different personality and different attitude, I can handle tiny energy bombs and stronger doggies too.

Also one of my dogs have realy sensitive digestive system so I now how to feed a dog with problems like this .I'm offering dog sitting your home ( As unfortunetly I'm not allowed to bring pets to my apartment ) dog walking and over night dog sitting .I love spending time with dogs like playing or go for a walk, but unfortunately I can't have a dog in my flat, ... I realy miss my doggie who is still living with my parents , that is why I would like being a dog sitter , I could spend more time with these furry angels .

I know it can be so stressful leave your dog alone at home both for you and your dog, or if you just don't have enough time for go for a walk or play with your pet, but I will gladly help you!

Esther K.

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