About Casie M.

Hi paw-rents! I know that I would be of great pet walker/sitter for your fur babies as I am a dog lover and I own 3 beautiful dogs back in my home country, Philippines. I have two Chow-Chow and a Maltese. I dearly miss them and every time I see a dog, I just would like to hug them. I enjoy playing with dogs and I really find them as stress reliever. Given my circumstances here in Melbourne as an international student, it could really be hectic and I wished I could go home to find a dog to greet me at my doorsteps but unfortunately it is very expensive to get one for my self. This job would greatly help me cope up with stress and at the same time earn some extra cash while also helping paw-rents to look after their adorable fur babies with guaranteed extra tender loving care. 

Casie M.

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