Arshini G.

Arshini G.


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About Arshini G.

Hi, my name is Arshini Gopi I am 18 Years old. I Love animals as they give you comfort and they are amazing to play with and don't judge you. I live in Willetton and have my drivers licence so I am more than willing and able to take your dog to the beach or to Shelly Foreshore if they like to swim. I live 1 minute away from Prendwick Park so walking your dog will be super easy and convenient. I also live right next to a vet in case of an emergency (hopefully there won’t be one). I currently have a dwarf lop rabbit named Thumper, he roams around the house but he mainly lives in my sisters' room. 

I currently live with my parents and my younger siblings and my older sister, so there will always be someone in the house to look after your pets and give him/her as many cuddles as possible. We have an enclosed house with a big fence to make sure your furbabies don't get any ideas and run away. 

Thank you

Arshini G.

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