Golden Rules

Dog Minding in a Family Home - The Ideal Dog Boarding Alternative

As PetsOnMe is a community driven marketplace, the participation of each member can impact the experience. To ensure that all members have a positive experience, we ask that Dog Minders and dog owners follow these simple golden rules:

01. Dog Minders, Dog Walkers & Washers

  • Be Open & Transparent
  • Ensure that you offer the services you promise on your profile. Be upfront about pricing, exercise and where the dog will sleep.
  • Keep your calendar up-to-date
  • Save time for yourself and other members by keeping your PetsOnMe calendar updated so members know when you can and cannot mind.
  • Respond promptly to all enquiries
  • Members expect a timely response. You'll be rewarded by a favourable placing on search results when you do this.
  • Honour you word
  • A reservation is a commitment to another member who is relying on you to take care of their beloved dog when they can't. It's important that you honour that commitment.
  • Get the details
  • Provide the dog's owner with a detail sheet to complete and ask they return it on drop-off. It should contain information such as feeding requirements, vet details and contact numbers of the owner whilst they are away.

02. Dog Owners seeking Dog Minders

  • Clear & Concise
  • Describe what you love about your dog on your profile and also mention anything that a potential minder should know about your dog too. The same goes when making enquiries, be sure to tell the minder everything they should know.
  • Communicate
  • Always confirm drop-off and pick-up times with the dog minder in advance and ensure it's a reasonable time of day.
  • You supply all food & equipment
  • Unless otherwise agreed to with the minder, you must supply all the essentials for your dog's stay.
  • Bring the detail sheet
  • Don't forget to bring your completed detail sheet on drop-off so your pet minder has all the important information, including your contact details. Try to always be contactable by either phone or email whilst you're away too.
  • No need to pay cash
  • All payments are done online so there is no need to bring along cash.